In 2016 Max Freakout invited me to join him to discuss contemporary approaches to psychedelics and to critique them in light of our understanding of the Egodeath Theory and the concepts of loose cognition, eternalism, self-control cybernetics, and metaphor.

Episode 1: Cyberdisciple’s background

Episode 2: Max Freakout’s background

Episode 3: Defining contemporary approaches to psychedelics

Episode 4: Martin Ball’s Entheological Paradigm as an example of psychedelic New Age, focused on ‘dualism’

Episode 5: Robin Carhart-Harris’ neuroscientific approach to psychedelics

Episode 6: The materialist assumptions that underlie neuroscientific approaches to psychedelics

Episode 7: Review of previous episodes and discussion of future episodes

Episode 8: Terence Mckenna

Episode 9: Terence Mckenna, pt. 2

Episode 10: Plato

Episode 11: Plato, pt. 2