Interpretations of Greek and Latin literature informed by psychedelics and loose cognition, by eternalism and frozen block universe worldlines, and by the revelation of personal non-control.

I stylize myself as a follower of Michael Hoffman’s Ego Death theory. For the basics, read his main, 2007 article. I have accepted this theory as a working basis for my thinking and research. You can follow up on any concepts in that article at and the Egodeath Yahoo! group, which includes all work of Hoffman’s work on the theory since 2007. Once you are familiar with the theory, check out how I apply them to decoding ancient Greek and Roman literature, art, and society. I also write about popular music, academia, and contemporary pop-psychedelia. Beginning in 2016, Max Freakout and I have collaborated on a series of podcasts critiquing pop-psychedelia.



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pre-modern art and society


The name “cyberdisciple” was inspired by one of Hoffman’s early online monikers, “cybermonk.” The name indicates that I am post-Hoffman. The Latin and Greek roots of the name are also significant: the Greek root κυβερν- means “control,” the Latin noun discipulus means “student.” The name signifies my status as a student of self-control cybernetics, particularly as expressed in Graeco-Roman antiquity.

I am not affiliated with anyone else using a similar name. WordPress is the only blog site that I use.

cyberdisciple is independent of Michael Hoffman. The creation of this weblog was not encouraged by Michael Hoffman and the content of my posts are not sanctioned by Michael Hoffman. This weblog and my posts are entirely my creation.