A follow-up episode on Terence Mckenna. Topics include:

The pathway from Mckennaism towards metaphorical psychedelic eternalism
Reconciling Terence Mckenna’s ideas with the ego death theory
Terence’s understanding of esoteric religion
Terence’s tepid defence of free will
Different motives for defending free will and determinism
Undesirability of the no free will position
David Hilman’s problems with official academia when presenting psychedelic theories of ancient Greek culture
The process of scientific advancement, Kuhn and Popper versus Feyerabend
Michael Hoffman’s engineering background, his focus on model building and practical problem solving
Terence Mckenna’s criticism of scientific reasoning and inductivist logic
Terence’s status as a radical and critical thinker
Exotericism and sober meditation as substitute wish-fulfilment
Terence’s attitudes towards sober meditation
Michael Hoffman’s characterisation of psychedelic tripping as loosened cognition
Max Freakout’s process of intellectual development from Terence Mckenna to Michael Hoffman’s ego death theory
Mono-plant fallacy in Terence’s thinking, Terence’s dismissal of LSD
The entertaining quality of Terence’s thought
Lack of metaphor awareness in Terence’s thought
Modifying Terence’s ideas with metaphorical interpretive lense, similarity to Christianity