In this episode Max Freakout and Cyberdisciple talk about psychedelic journalist James Kent, in particular the recent ‘Final 10’ DoseNation podcast series. Topics covered include:

  • Kent’s critique of popular psychedelic discourse, especially the strategy of psychedelic drug-legitimization.
  • Kent’s dismissive attitude towards the idea of psychedelic religion.
  • Kent’s uncritical use of ‘unpleasant = unmystical’ fallacy
  • Possible motivations behind Kent’s scorched-earth style thinking.
  • Kent’s alarmist rhetoric about psychotic psychedelic experiences.
  • Kent’s Prohibitionist attitude, the incompatibility of psychedelia with modern western values. Kent’s anthropological theory about evolving societies inevitably abandoning psychedelic ritual.
  • The word ‘hallucinogen’ as de-legitimizing psychedelic drugs.
  • The role of multi-state theorizing.
  • Kent’s attitude towards using psychedelic drugs in psychotherapeutic and ‘party’ contexts. Party drug-use as ideologically pure.
  • Terence Mckenna’s role in psychedelic legitimzation.
  • Kent’s omission of crucial subject of mystic-state allegory in religious mythology and rock music lyrics.
  • Kent’s regrets about his psychedelic career and taking drugs too seriously, instead of going to psychotherapy.

Covers episodes 1 & 2 of Kent’s ‘Final 10’